Jacksonville City Council
At-Large Group 1

I offer myself for service to our City as a member of the Jacksonville City Council, At-Large Group One. I love Jacksonville. I was born here, educated in our public schools, and raised my three children here.

In 1961, my parents built the Gator Lodge on Philips Highway and we lived off the lobby when I was small. I learned the value of hard work and serving the public from my parents, who also taught me the importance of leading by example. They were in charge, but did every job—clean rooms, run the switchboard, greet guests, wash dishes, haul trash—no matter if the task was considered menial or important.

Philips Highway went into decline in the ’70s, and like so many parts of our City, continues to struggle due to a lack of commitment from our leaders to infrastructure investment. Too many of our neighborhoods suffer from decades-old promises that have not been kept, contributing to cycles of poverty and lack of opportunity. Our people are part of our infrastructure too!

While leading Jacksonville’s Planning Commission, I heard from citizens again and again that efforts to improve many neighborhoods fell short. In my role, I worked hard to study all factors of each request and strived to prevent shortsighted decisions that would negatively impact our neighborhoods and families. For your family and mine, I want a Jacksonville that keeps its long overdue promises, plans for the future, and values the safety of every family.



A lifelong resident of Jacksonville, Lisa understands the importance of JEA to our city and our community. JEA is a pillar of the local business community and provides Jacksonville with affordable, reliable electricity and water. Owned by the citizens of our city, JEA is responsive to the needs of its owners, our families, friends, and neighbors. In a natural disaster or emergency, JEA will always put Jacksonville first.

More than just a utility company, JEA is a major asset to the city, providing millions of dollars in revenue every year that help keep our city moving and our taxes low. JEA also provides good-paying, local jobs that can neither be moved nor outsourced.

Lisa believes strongly that JEA is OUR JEA. When out-of-state and multinational corporations made moves to buy JEA last year, Lisa was one of the leaders who fought to save JEA and block the sale. As a member of the Jacksonville City Council, Lisa will fight any attempt to sell our JEA and she will ensure it remains a part of our community, owned by our community.


Too many families—and too many young people—in Jacksonville have been the victims of violent crime. Crime touches every corner of our city, every neighborhood. And over the last four years, crime in our city has gotten worse, not better. Lisa believes we must address crime head-on; that providing a safe community to work, play, and raise a family is the first priority of city government. And right now, City Hall is not up to the job.

Lisa believes we need to begin by addressing the root causes of crime: poverty, the dearth of good jobs at a livable wage, the lack of early childhood services and education, and our virtually non-existent mental health services. We need to fight crime before it happens, not wait for there to be more victims. More police, better training, and better equipment for our first responders is a start, but that alone won’t get us to the finish. Lisa understands that only a community, all-in approach will begin to address the problem.

The Duval County Jail should not be the largest provider of mental health services in our city. Lisa believes we are better than that and will be better with new leadership.


Jacksonville is a great place to live, raise a family, and start a business. Lisa knows this first hand. Her parents came to Jacksonville to start a business, the Gator Lodge. They worked hard, considered no job too big or too small, and they succeeded. Lisa grew up learning from her parents—right there on Phillips Highway—the values of hard work, perseverance, and thrift. And in raising her family here, she has passed those values on to her children.

Lisa is concerned that in 2019, her children won’t have the same opportunities her parents did to start and grow a business or get a great job, and that her grandchildren won’t be able to find the kind of jobs they can thrive in. Lisa believes that City Hall can and should do more to attract good, high paying jobs to our city and the kind of businesses that can anchor a special city like Jacksonville.

With our port, our great universities, our valuable partnership with the Navy and military community, and our unparalleled quality of life, Jacksonville has too much to offer to not be thriving and growing. Lisa King knows we can do better; she has seen the American Dream at work right here in Jacksonville, and she knows it will again.


JEA is a critical part of our community, owned by the community. Lisa was one of the leaders who fought to save JEA and block the sale, and she will continue that fight on the Jacksonville City Council.


Lisa is committed to growing our economy and creating the kind of jobs and opportunities her parents had when they started their own business in Jacksonville while raising and growing a family; opportunities too few have today. Lisa knows we can do better.


Too many families in Jacksonville have been touched by violent crime. Lisa will put community safety first by addressing the root causes of crime, working to prevent crime before it happens.

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